2009 Waugh Cellars Riesling

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Another amazing year for the Fazio Reisling vineyard.  We have gone to the extreme with this vineyard in battling mold issues, which always arise with Riesling.  But proper vineyard management is what makes this grape so special when treated with just the right amount of TLC.

Over the last few years we have realized that maximizing sunlight and wind exposure to the fruit is the key to this vineyard's success.  And while in past vintages we have allowed the fruit to grow throughout the vines, our strategy for this vintage and beyond will be to speace the fruit so that no two grape clusters will be in contact with another.

While this practice limits our production, it concentrates flavors and acidity to create an amazing wine.  In planting another acre this year we hope to produce at least 250 cases in the coming years.  Enjoy this stellar wine all summer long, with its incredible sweet notes and mouth watering acidity.

Harvest Date: October 10, 2009
Brix: 22.3
Ph: 2.95
% Alcohol: 10.5%
Production: 100 cases
Winemaker: Ryan Waugh

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