2013 Six Degrees

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Date Harvested: September 25, 2013
Release Date: January 2016
Production: 150 cases
Brix: 25.2
pH: 3.72
Alcohol %: 14.8

If there ever was such a thing as a perfect growing season, 2013 would be the standard. The vines were so beautifully balanced. The grapes were able to ripen and mature at almost exactly the same rate. When ripeness and maturity intersect at harvest, you are left with a harmonious mix of flavors, color, acid and sugar, which will deliver an unparalleled wine.

2013 Six Degrees is a dark, bold, seductively rich and age worthy Cabernet Sauvignon. In my 20 year career growing grapes and making wine, I have not seen a vintage compare to the powerful elegance and natural balance of the 2013 vintage. Six Degrees took extreme advantage of the growing conditions and we produced a masterpiece! Enjoy!


Ryan Waugh

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