2018 Waugh Cellars Rosé

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Harvest Date:     September 5 – September 28
Brix: 23.0 – 24.8
Ph:  3.51        
% Alcohol:   13.2%
Production:   120 cases

As with our first vintage of Rosé, which we modeled after our Junior blend, we wanted to utilize multiple varietals to produce our Rosé.  The 2015 Rosé utilized the top 3 varietals in Junior, Zinfandel, Syrah and Petite Sirah. We decided to go full Junior this year on the Rosé, which now consists of all 9 red varietals used in the creation Junior.  Instead of pressing each fruit as it is picked and adding another processing element, we simply took the juice running off from the incline sorting table that would normally be wasted and we captured it in buckets and put it in barrel to ferment. Think of it as Junior Rose!

You will notice the intense strawberry hue and aromas of summer, fresh cherries, peaches and watermelon. The first sip will delight with fresh berries and a crisp flavor of tart cherry.  A mouthwatering rose, dry and fruity and easy to drink.  


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